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The Global Production Scoreboard Method & data


The Global Production Scoreboard is designed to support the benchmarking of emerging and frontier economies (EFE) as manufacturing locations.


The Scoreboard comprises a range of potential and performance-related indicators being selected to provide deep insights into EFE supply capacity and competitiveness.

EFE are defined as countries with a per-capita income not exceeding USD 20.000 in 2017. Manufacturing industries are defined in terms of their output, covering the product categories of Sections 5 8 (minus Division 68) of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev. 3).


Labour cost [+]

Skill base [+]

R&D capacity [+]

Infrastructure [+]

Government [+]

Local demand potential [+]

Foreign market access [+]

Export growth [+]

Export diversity []

This indicator measures the diversity of a country's exports of manufactures, reflecting the breadth of industrial capability.

Indicator values are calculated as the ratio of a country's total manufactured exports to the export value of its five leading export products (as defined by 3-digit product categories using SITC rev. 3).

An indicator value of 1.0 implies that a country's manufactured exports do not exceed five product lines; a value of >2.0 implies that other products than the top-5 ones make up more than of half of its exports.

High and medium-tech exports [+]


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