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The Global Production Scoreboard Method & data


The Global Production Scoreboard is designed to support the benchmarking of emerging and frontier economies (EFE) as manufacturing locations.


The Scoreboard comprises a range of potential and performance-related indicators being selected to provide deep insights into EFE supply capacity and competitiveness.

EFE are defined as countries with a per-capita income not exceeding USD 20.000 in 2017. Manufacturing industries are defined in terms of their output, covering the product categories of Sections 5 8 (minus Division 68) of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev. 3).


Labour cost [+]

Skill base [+]

R&D capacity [+]

Infrastructure [+]

Government [+]

Local demand potential [+]

Foreign market access [+]

Export growth []

This indicator measures the average annual rate of growth over the preceding five-year period in a country's manufactured exports, providing a yardstick for the international competitiveness of industrial activities.

Indicator values are calculated as the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the country's manufactured exports over the period 2011 2016.

Export diversity [+]

High and medium-tech exports [+]


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