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Insights into the New Manufacturing Locations

Our industry analysis – Method & data

Our industry analysis provides insights into the emerging locations of production on an industry-by-industry basis.


Our Reports are based on a fine-grained analysis of cross-border trade flows, supplemented by country data from our Global Production Scoreboard and the insights of our local partners..

The direction and size of cross-border trade flows can be seen as reflecting the collective views of managers and investors on the merits of one country over another as a location of production in a given area of activity.

(While allowing for comparisons of competitiveness between countries at a similar level of development and over a limited period of time, trade flow data does not allow for any conclusions as to the value added involved.)


Emerging economies (EME) are defined as countries with a per-capita income not exceeding USD 20.000 in 2017.

Manufacturing industries are defined in terms of their output, comprising all of the product categories of Sections 5 – 8 (minus Division 68) of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev. 3).


For individual industries (or product groups), our Industry Reports employ a set of metrics to describe:

overall trends in EME exports, including key performance drivers and the origins / destinations of cross-border supply chains,

the leading EME source countries, including likely medium-term «winners» and «losers»,

profiles of individual EME source countries, including the composition and sophistication of exports.


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