Insights into the New Manufacturing Locations

Our Industry Reports

Our Industry Reports provide unique insights into the evolving geography of manufacturing and the new manufacturing hotspots by industry.

About Reports

Focusing on individual industries or product groups, our Industry Reports are designed to shed light on:

current trends in the geography of supply chains and the role of emerging economies as locations of production,

today's leading emerging-economy source countries and their competitive positions,

the strengths and weaknesses of the new top-5 manufacturing hotspots.

The Reports are based on an analysis of cross-border trade flows, reflecting the views of managers on the relative merits of individual source countries as manufacturing locations (see Method & data)

Reports library

Starting 2020, we plan to offer subscription-based access to an online library of Industry Reports.

Our Industry Reports library is intended to cover all major product groups in manufactured exports from emerging and frontier economies.

Special reports

Industry Reports for products not covered by our online library or reports with customized content are provided on request.


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