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Leading research programs on global production

This section lists leading programs of academic research on the management of global production, looking into current trends in the geography of production and the organisation of cross-border value chains.

Copenhagen Business School:

Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

The Department undertakes theory-driven research into the strategic behaviour of companies in an increasingly globalized world, focusing on issues such as value creation, location choice and entry mode.

Duke University:

The Duke University Global Value Chains Center

The Center employs global value chains methodology to study the effects of globalization on topics such as industrial upgrading, competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

Indian School of Business:

Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing

The Munjal Institute is a pioneering effort to raise the level of manufacturing in India and beyond through operational excellence and innovation.

Kiel Institute for the World Economy:

Kiel Centre for Globalization

The Center works on an interdisciplinary research agenda the evaluates the proliferation of global supply chains as an important aspect of globalization.

Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy:

MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

The Center is a solutions-oriented environment where students, faculty, and industry leaders pool their knowledge and experience to advance supply chain education and research.

Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy:

MIT Industrial Performance Center

The Center brings together multidisciplinary teams of researchers to carry out applied research on industrial growth and transformation, national economic growth and competitiveness, and innovative performance.

RWTH Aachen University:

Global Production Management Center

Based on a long experience in the planning and configuration of production in a global context, the Research Group builds bridges between research and application-oriented consulting.

Stanford Graduate School of Business:

The Value Chain Innovation Initiative

The Initiative brings together faculty, students, and practitioners to advance the theory and practice of gloval value chain innovation through research and knowledge dissemination.

University of Cambridge:

Center for International Manufacturing

The Centre pursues a program of research and real-world application of new approaches to for the strategic configuration of global value networks, working closely with a community of industrialists, policamakers and academics.

University of Hong Kong:

Asia Global Institute

The Institute undertakes business-relevant research on global issues from Asian perspectives. In the field of trade and investment, it focuses on the role of global value chains and evolving patterns of production, trade, investment and consumption.

University of St. Gallen:

Production Management | Institute of Technology Management

The Competence Centre addresses the challenges of companies acting in a worldwide dispersed manufacturing environment. Integrated approaches are developed to configure and coordinate global operations in line with the overall manufacturing strategy.

University of Tennessee:

The Global Supply Chain Institute

The Institute coordinates the University's spectrum of supply chain offerings and fulfills industry's need for information and best practices relating to global supply chains.


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