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Industry Trend Charts Method & data

Our Industry Trend Charts show supply trends and source-country positions by product group in exports from emerging and frontier economies.

Content of charts

Chart 1: World, EFE and China exports [+]

Chart 2: EFE and China export shares of key product groups [+]

Chart 3: EFE exports to global and low-income markets [+]

Chart 4: Exports by EFE source country []

This chart lists the top eight EFE source countries in the industry, together with the value of each country's exports.

Chart 5: Competitive positions of EFE source countries [+]

Scope of analysis

Industry Trend Charts provide insights into global supply trends and source-country competitive positions as reflected in cross-border trade flows.

In an economic environment with low barriers to trade, decisions to invest in new production facilities must address the strengths and weaknesses of alternative locations of production. And, locations must be chosen that allow suppliers to compete with industry leaders at home and abroad. Analogously, flows of cross-border trade reflect the views of investors on the advantages of one country over another as locations of production in a given line of activity.

Our analysis is based on international trade data. This allows for meaningful comparisons of export flows between source countries at a similar level of development and over a limited period of time. However, it does not allow for any conclusions concerning the economic significance of trade flows i.e. the value added involved and its distribution between importing and exporting countries.

General definitions

Emerging and frontier economies are defined as countries with a per-capita income not exceeding USD 20.000 in 2012.

Manufacturing industries are defined in terms of their output, comprising the product categories of Sections 5 8 (minus Division 68) of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev. 3).

Main data sources

UNCTAD, World Investment Report

UNSD, International Trade Statistics Databases

World Bank, World Development Indicators

WTO, International Trade Statistics


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